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Styling tips for kids to wear on travel days

Styling tips for kids to wear on travel days

Dressing your child in a stylish way on travel days to make them look adorable is a task for parents. At the point when a model spruces up gorgeously, it looks astounding then it is worth thinking how cute a kid will look. It will not only make them look captivating, but also help you to teach your little one about creating a compelling person

How to dress your children's for this month’s festivities.

How to dress your children's for this month’s festivities.

Although design has solidified and developed only in recent times, however there are  patterns that are always great, and these have always been evergreen for the festive seasons. September 2019 incorporates three primary festivities which is Ganesh Chaturthi, Onam and Navratri.

Latest fashion trends in ethnic wear for kids

Latest fashion trends in ethnic wear for kids

Special occasions like weddings, sangeet, engagement and various other related functions calls for special traditional kids wear to dress your little baby boy distinctively and stand out from the crowd.

Readymade ethnic boy's clothes are surely one of the better attires for

Party Ideas For Triplets

Party Ideas For Triplets

Triplets are three children born at the same time to the same mother. If you’re parents of multiples, you know first-hand how difficult it is to care for three kids who are look alike. Planning a party is no different. Here we share three party ideas for triplets.


Dress Your Child

When it comes to fashion and children, no matter how trendy or stylish the dress is, it should be comfortable for them and appropriate for the occasion. A light summer frock on a winter morning is sure to make your daughter freeze. And a heavy layered party dress may not be the r

What parents should think while buying clothes for their kids?

What parents think while buying clothes for their kids


Parents keep dabbling between different jobs to raise up their kids properly. The responsibility of taking care of a child is very crucial to their proper growth.  There are different factors to take into account to fulfill a

What your kids should wear when they go to bed?

What your kids should wear when they go to bed?


Grown-ups aren’t actually worried about snoozing. They consider that as normal. But, when kids face the same problem, they can have difficulty while drifting off into dreamland. Perhaps once they’re in bed, they just can’t get comfortable and they’re tos

Colour Psychology- Child Behaviour and Learning through colours

Colours of joy that young hands paint


Colours add dimensions to life and for a child who is beginning to form a perception of the world, it is imperative that we fill in his world of perceptive reality with the right colours. Colours have a deep psychological impact on children's minds and in a lot ma

Top 5 Monsoon Outfits for kids

There’s nobody in the world who doesn’t like rains, however, one can’t deny that it brings life to a standstill if you are not well-prepared for it. The most vulnerable to monsoons are kids, who if not taken care of, can fall sick. In the age of competition, it is also not feasible to keep kids indoors not le

How clothing impacts your child!

Let the confidence of your child speak


What you wear tells people who you are, without speaking a word. Undoubtedly clothing and sartorial preferences are a different language that speak volumes of your character and persona. How true is that we don’t know, but in a world that runs on percept

Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids

Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids


All kids love fancy dress competitions. It is one of the most exciting event for them. When schools host fancy dress competition, parents love dressing up their kids in their favorite bird, animal, vegetable, fruit, cartoon character, etc. It’s fun to see yo

Unique Mother's Day Outfits for Kids

Unique Mother's Day Outfits for Kids

Mother’s Day is a celebration of motherhood. It is an occasion of celebrating the pure and unending love of mothers and this year the day falls on the 12th of May.

 Mother’s Day is a celebration of a mother’s love which is immense and

All you need to know about Newborn Baby Clothes

All you need to know about Newborn Baby Clothes

When you become a parent for the first time and hold your baby in the arms, the feeling is incomparable to any joy you get in your life and with that touch, you not only want to be the guardian to this new little soul and protect it from any harm that might come to its way

Fashionable Clothing Combinations for your Kiddos

Fashionable Kids Clothing

Fashion is a statement you make every time you step out of your house and you make sure you are on the top of your clan with on check follow of all the trends completely.

 But if you're a Mom or even a Dad then it is a double task for you as you need your kid too to be on the ‘A’ game of fashion. So why not pump them in stylish clothing and put them also on t

Apparels that will keep your Child cool this summer

As the summer approaches, it’s time to pack up your children’s winter clothes and lock them up in the safe. But with growing children, it's nearly impossible to repeat clothes post a year. Same is with summer clothing - due to the heavy heat you can't keep your children in same clothes for long as they’re spoiled by sweat and can cause irritation. The age old questio

Tiny Tots’ Apparels: Bodysuits v/s Rompers v/s Onesies v/s Pajamas


Tiny Tots’ Apparels: Bodysuits v/s Rompers v/s Onesies v/s Pajamas

Choosing baby clothes is not only a game of choices of colours anymore. As a parent, you have to be more careful than ever for what you choose for your infants and toddlers, keeping in mind their comfort and what suits them. Mothers always face an indistinctive chatter on

Tips to celebrate a safe Holi with your kids

Holi is one of India’s favourite festivals of all. It is a festival of colour and is a favourite amongst kids. Kids enjoy this festival by playing around with their water guns, water balloons and splashes. But one must be careful

Baby Boy Rompers and Onesies for a trendy new look

Baby Boy Rompers and Onesies for a trendy new look

Kids fashion is one of the most delicate fashion of all. It is engulfed with comfort and too much cuteness. Made from the softest materials, baby dresses are now no longer holding onto the old printed patterns. They have evolved into a more modern and mature clothing, which can t

Outfit ideas for Twins

Outfit ideas for Twins

Only a few lucky parents are gifted with twins. And only a parent of twins can tell you how fun, yet how tiring it is to handle two kids at the same time.

However, the greatest fun doesn’t only end at naming your kids at the same tim

Why Kids Clothing Fabrics are different from Others

Why Kids Clothing Fabrics are different from Others

Being a parent is not an easy job. And being a new parent, it can be even more exhausting as you're still learning the art of parenting. A parent needs to understand the smallest of details of their child, young or old.  It is important to u

Spring Season essential for Kids

spring season essentials

Spring is a season of colour burst in nature. Unlike many foreign countries, in India, spring is the start of summer and the weather proceeds to become warmer moving into the summer.

As spring sets in, the warm fuzzy clothes go back into the wardrobe and it’s time to get out the spring clothes for your kids. But the forever question remains - what is the appropriate spring

Twinning: Dads & Kiddos

Twinning Dads & Kiddos

Modern parents try to divulge in the lives of their children by being friends. But unlike mothers, fathers can be little distant from the child due to their fatherly approach and buried instincts and sometimes might appear cold. A kid’s bonding with their father is as important as their mothers. So how can dads gel with their kids and create that bond? How can they transition from a c

Patriotic Celebrations Outfits for Boys

Patriotic Celebrations Outfits for Boys

On the occasion of Republic Day, patriotism rises high in the air. And as a parent, you're all set with the tri-colour clothing, accessories, flags, to show the love for your country. But your little ones are still to understand the importance of this day.

As a parent you always want your little one to join you in the terms of clothing whenever you go out or to their sc

8 Fun Activities for Kids

As a parent you are always trying out something new to enhance your kids’ activity and enjoyment levels. Whether it is in terms of clothing or games. Playing the same old boring games can bore your kiddo and also make him lazy!

Here is a fun guide to up your kids play time with some super fun and bright games they can play alone or with their pals.


  1. Stick the tail to the elephant

Accessories to rock this Christmas!

4 Accessories to rock this Christmas!

The air is glittering with the advent of the festive season. Soon you will hear the jingle bells chime. But the biggest task for any mother or parent is what to shop for their kids. Christmas in India is celebrated not only by Christians, but also by other communities as India is advancing towards a better secular nation. With many schools welcoming celebrations of festivals of India,

How Colours affect your Boys' Personality

How colours affect your Boys' Personality

Research has proved that colours and hues have a dramatic effect on human personalities. It is the first thing a human being senses and feels. Colours of everything around us has its effect on us. Moods and behaviours are strongly influenced by changes in colours. Mothers will experiment how the same dress in different colours gives different feelings about it. Mothers often visuali

Top 5 Winter Outfits for Baby Boys


Top 5 Winter Outfits for Baby Boys

Winter is finally here. And like any other mother, you are pulling out all the winter clothes for your boys as you know how challenging the weather can be for your little ones. The sweaters, the scarves the winter caps-all of it comes out of your wardrobe and you

Active Wear for Kids

Active Wear for Kids

Fashion revolution has been changing all forms of outfits. People are demanding more and more inclusion of different patterns and colours. Active wear or Sportswear have undergone a lot of change, since the demand for athletic leisure wear and comfy, easy breezy apparels has gone up.

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How to declutter your child’s wardrobe

How to declutter your child’s wardrobe

Decluttering your kid’s wardrobe is an often overlooked area. Many moms automatically think: what do I do about storing outgrown clothes for the next child or keeping items of clothing for sentimental purposes? Both are valid concerns. But striking a balance bet

Twinning: Mommy & Son Style

Twinning: Mommy & Son Style

Who says only moms of baby girls can match dresses with their girls? We only get a few years with our kids before they choose that dressing. So why leave boys behind? As a mother, you can dress up matching your sons’ outfits too! All you have to do is shop matching outfits or get them tailor-made to shine on occasions with your baby boy! Nowadays, twinning styles are in m

Winter Essentials: Outfits to Beat the Cold

Winter Essentials: Outfits to Beat the Cold

Winter season is already making its presence felt and it’s time to start making some extra room in your kids’ closets for all those mandatory sweaters and coats. If you’re a cautious parent, you don’t want to forget anything your little o

Gorgeous Diwali outfits to make your Kids shine

Gorgeous Diwali outfits to make your Kids shine

Even boys like to dress, especially when it is DIWALI. Festive outfits, classic kurtas, pajamas are a few traditional wears that can add a loveliness quotient to your kid’s personality.

1. Sherwani Suits

If you are looking for something rich and unique then sherwani suits are a delightful pick to make Di

B’Day Outfit ideas for kids

B’Day Outfit ideas for kids

Shopping is not easy when you have a baby boy, it becomes the most challenging because the choices of the boy’s clothes have the limited collection which is so much deficient on colors, patterns, and styles. To help mothers deal with this condition, here are some choices that can help you have some wonderful additions to his wardrobe for birthday parties. So let us have a look at all these cho

Baby boy formals for Special Occasions

Baby boy formals for Special Occasions

Some big things look adorable in miniature versions. All parents love seeing themselves in their little toddlers in some way or the other! Especially baby boys wearing replicas of suits, formals & blazers. The formal kids wear are comfortable and look super stylish & give a cla

Hoodies- Kid’s favourite clothing

Hoodies- Kid’s  favourite clothing

Every parent wants their kid to look smart and stylish all the time. Parents are always excited to shop for new clothes and try different fashion trends for their toddlers. But kids love comfort. If they are not happy or comfortable in the clothes that they are

Bow tie style for kids

Bow tie style for kids

Bow ties are the ultimate fashion accessories that have been followed since many decades. They never go out of style. They are easy, comfortable and look stylish with every outfit. If you like to dress your champ stylishly and always want him to stand out in the crowd with fashionable dressing, a bow



Festivals are all about fun times and dressing beautifully. India celebrates an array of festivals throughout the year in different regions of the country. Each of these festivals has their own themes and essence. Some of them are region specific and some are held more or less throughout the whole country. In these festivals, clothes or attires worn by the people celebrating

5 Reasons Why Suspenders Are Better Than Belts



Even though suspenders and belts do the same work of holding the pants up, there is always confusion amongst parents about what to choose for their kids. Children’s suspenders are usually made of leather, fiber, synthetic etc. and can be worn with different apparels to make your toddler stand out in the crowd. Apart from being stylish, suspenders have many more benefits. They are very comfortable t

4 Things You Need to Know about Baby Wear

4 Things You Need to Know about Baby Wears

We all agree on the fact that baby clothes are too cute to resist! Shopping for a new born baby is an exciting activity for new parents. First time parents' hearts might do flip-flops every time they pass through a baby store. But there are a few things that parents need to consider while buying clothes for their baby. Here are a few tips that would help you decide how to buy the right

Kids Clothing Sizes: Finding the Right Fit for Your Kid!

Kids Clothing Sizes

One of the best things about being a parent is the joy of dressing up your kid. Selecting baby clothes is fun and every parent loves to shop trendy clothes for their kids. And with the various options available in the market, it is a crucial decision for moms about what to choose. While there are lot of things that need to be taken under consideration while buying baby clothes, like baby’s comfort and pr

Best Fabrics for Kids Clothing

Best Fabrics for Kids Clothing

Finding the ideal fabric for her child is one huge obstacle which a mom needs to pass, as it is something that remains so near to her little one.

The most important thought while choosing the type of fabric for your child is that – it is delicate and comfortable. Yo

3 Things to Consider While Shopping Clothes for Your Kids.

3 Things to Consider While Shopping Clothes for Your Kids.

Shopping for your little one can be a bit challenging as they outgrow their clothes in the blink of an eye and also there is so much to choose from. Shopping for kid’s clothes is easier said than done. Below are som

4 Ways To Introduce Fashion to Your Little One.

4 Ways To Introduce Fashion To Your Little One

Being a personal stylist of their child is another activity title that moms should add to the considerable rundown of parts they play as a parent. As moms, we have been regulating our kid’s closet; as far back as we picked the

Kids Clothing 2018: Elegant patterns and Clothes trending right now

Kids Clothing 2018: Elegant patterns and clothes trending right now


Every mother wishes to dress her little one in the best of quality and stylish outfits. But, it is also vital to consider what the kid wants himself. So, how about we

Benefits of Organic Cotton Baby Clothing & Why it is superior to others?


Benefits of Organic Cotton Baby Clothing & Why it is superior to others?
With regards to dealing with your baby, you get the best alternatives accessible to you. For your baby, you are prepared to give up on your sleep, your solace and dedicate your whole schedule for legitimate care and sustenance. Children hav

How to Dress Kids for Cold and Rainy Weather

How to Dress Kids for Cold and Rainy Weather
1. A warm fleece underlayer, tops and bottoms – These are essentially long johns produced using delicate "no tingle" merino fleece.
Fleece, not cotton, is the best base layer since it retains water and enables the body to remain warm when wet.

2. Rain pants and b

Choosing Kids’ Clothes for Special Occasions

Choosing Kids’ Clothes for Special Occasions

Mothers cherish dressing their children up for unique events. Seeing your valuable youngsters looking all spiffy and shrewd in their favor and sleek duds, influences guardians to shaft with satisfaction. In any case, it isn't so much that simple to discover children's garmen

How to Buy Boys Clothing Online in 2 Easy Steps.

How to Buy Boys Clothing Online in 2 Easy Steps

The general population are being advanced step by step because of the improvement of the innovation and across the board nearness of media. The learning air has been inescapable in such a way, to the point that everybody can get information by the assistance of web or a large number of TV slots accessible on the planet. In c

Five Tips to Save Money on Kids Clothing.

Five Tips to Save Money on Kids Clothing

As you probably are aware purchasing child's clothing has been a to a great degree costly illicit relationships amid late years, you should be wary while purchasing dresses for you kids. At times the guardians spend a considerable measure of cash while shopping in the attire store simply out of

5 Ideas To Buy Colorful Apparels For Kids

5 Ideas To Buy Colorful Apparels For Kids

Purchasing kids attire has been a test for the guardians nowadays because of the swelling in the Indian market amid late years. Today, every guardians are anxious to make their youngsters shrewd and hyperactive.

The children are the performers for every one of us. They make u

4 Ways to Wear Suspenders.

4 Ways to Wear Suspenders

Suspenders are not only for Mork and Urkel any longer! Cool children can don suspenders as a fun style articulation and include a measurement of road cred to their look. From favor suits to a realistic tee and thin jeans, we cherish suspenders for their flexibility and hard and fast energy. Th

3 Styles to Spruce Up Your Boys Closet for Summer Season.

Be it a man or a lady, kid or a young lady… . We as a whole have the privilege to dress in sync with the most recent mold patterns. With winters blurring without end, the time has come to make up for lost time with late spring/summer dresses for youngsters to dress your kid in the coolest of the garments. In the event that you are looking for

Tips for Buying Children’s Clothing

Tips for Buying Children’s Clothing

When it comes to buying kidswear, one may wonder the different options available that’s latest in trends. While most of the parents like to take their kids along for shopping experience, others don’t prefer taking them either because of the tantrums th

Kids Fashion and Lifestyle for Modern Families

Kids Fashion and Lifestyle for Modern Families

Today’s kids are very much aware of the fashion scenario and know what’s trending and what’s not! And ‘mix-n-match’ is definitely what’s trending right now. Here are few suggestions for an all-modern appeal for kids to make their own style statement!

  • For a cool and funky casual look, a funky sweatshirt is all you need to do your job! Pair

5 Trendy Fashion Looks for Children This Summer


5 Trendy Fashion Looks for Children This Summer

With the arrival of the sweltering summer heat to make you feel uncomfortable, it is best to opt for attires that make you feel comfortable and cool. And summer-wear for kids is especially something that needs to be taken seriously as the lit

Teaching Kids The Difference Between Dreams & Ambitions

Teaching Kids The Difference Between Dreams & Ambitions

Dreams, desires or ambitions are very crucial elements in shaping a child’s thinking process or thoughts. When children start dreaming about something big or if they start visualizing about their goals and

Children And Their Obsession To Dress Like Their Favourite Film Stars

Children And Their Obsession To Dress Like Their Favourite Film Stars

We all know that children are fast learners and they imitate what they see and hear. And now with the digital evolution, they are well versed with the new advancements in technology like social media. They like to imitate the character or person they are fascinated with. Moreover, we are today living

Healthy Foods For Children's Brain Development

Children are always bustling with energy and like to be active and explore things.Just like their need to explore and be inquisitive about things, their dietary needs also need to be taken care of. Childhood is the crucial time for the human body to develop since the body is in the continual process of experiencing growth towards becoming an adult. Although children may be fussy eater or be very choosy about what they eat, including t

Retail shops or online stores: Which is better for buying kidswear?


We all remember the time when our parents used to take us along for shopping kids-related items—clothes being the most important item! And we would either love what our parents selected for us or we would become stubborn regarding that “one dress” we would set our eyes on and demand that we are going home after buying it or we aren’t. Many times we would also end up going home without buying any c

Bottom wear collection must have for 2018


Who says fashion is only for the adults? Kids, in their own sense, are fashionistas and right now it’s reached its peak. Gone are the days when we as kids only had limited options: frocks—obviously for girls, shirts or pants that were worn by both boys and girls. Meanwhile, there’s no need to emphasize on the fact shirts and pants make for boys attire—in other words, there isn’t much to e

7 Benefits of wearing Hoodies

kid with hoddie

A majority of boys in the world like to wear Hoodies. You will find at least one hoodie in the wardrobe of boys as well as men. These can be worn at any time in the year, but they are more popular during the winter months. These hoodies come in various shapes and styles and give many advantages to us, which are as follows.

  • They give warmth to us. It is a perfect casual wear

How about new clothing style from New Year

How about new clothing style from New Year

                The dawn of a new year after every 52 weeks signals quite some changes in the lives of many people. Resolutions are written and pledged to be strictly followed and that’s another story that most of them fail to materialize. Some people also plan about their wardrobe; like buying new clothes

5 ways to Keep Children Safe This Winter

The outdoors in winters

The outdoors in winter is enjoyed and also safer when you are dressed properly. Remember it’s never a bad weather it’s bad clothing. In winter the best idea is to stay warm and dry. When it’s cold outside being damp is uncomfortable and can be dangerous too especially when it comes to kids. At the point when temperatures drop, kids require additional consideratio

5 Top Winter Outfits For Boys

winter outfits for boys

It is natural to change our dressing style as the seasons change. Winter is the time when we try to cover up as much of our body as we can, including the kids. It does help that all the brands and stores have a special collection for this chilly season. Some of the winter outfits are sold more than others due to their high popularity. Let us check out what are those.

Hooded t-shirts are a com

What is the Layering concept for winter?


Clothes for Winter

The changes in seasons affect most of our surroundings that also includes our wardrobe. We obviously feel the need to protect ourselves from the harsh cold temperatures of winter. Children in particular are more sensitive and intolerable to temperature ch

21st century kids are advanced in Fashion, you know why?

Kids Fashion

Fashion is something which does not have a universal meaning, it differs from person to person. It has been in existence since centuries. But for most part of history, fashion has been talked about only related to adults and mostly teens. Right up to the 20th century it had been this way. But the

Dungarees - Never goes out of fashion

One of the most popular fashion of the 80s and the 90s decade, Dungarees were a rage at that time. This has been a childhood staple since then, but now again, in recent times, it has sort of made a comeback in the fashion world. The denim type of Dungaree is worn more than the other types.

                Dungaree is nothing else but a jeans or trouser with an extension a

What is the latest fashion in Kids Funky Clothing?

In this 21st century, fashion has not confined only to the adults; now even the kids have become stylish in their wardrobe and appearance. Many new companies have emerged, which exclusively cater to the kids’ wardrobe. Gone are the days when children used to be content with simple shirt, T-shirt, trouser, jeans etc.

The various styles of kurta-pyjama, sometimes with dhoti, which were primarily meant f

Let Your Kids Choose What They Wear

On the off chance that your child has all of a sudden turned out to be extremely vocal about the closet, congrats: It's an indication that he's growing up. "Preschoolers are additionally at a phase where they're endeavoring to state their freedom and test limits," says Alanna Levine, M.D., a representative for the American Academy of Pediatrics. "Getting dressed gives a chance to incorporate the two things." Tha

Why every kid should have a Red T-Shirt

Noddy kids wear red tshirt blog

The wardrobe of kids is generally colourful than the grown-ups. Among all the Kids Wear that they have, the t-shirts are a common collection with most of the boys. Some particular colours are favourite for them, they buy most of their clothes in these colours only. One such popular colour, in which most of the wardrobe is available, is Red.

Although, red c

5 Good Habits For Your Child To Follow

Good Habits for Children

Habits shape the identity of the person. Attributes of an individual are reflected from its behavior and activities. In this way, be clever and sufficiently sensible to present great propensities for your children, by which the child would turn out to be an extraordinary individual.

1. Eat Nutri

8 Tips To Boost Your Child's Self-Confidence

Parents tend to fear the worst for their kids. As a result, often they are discouraged, humiliated and scared by their own parents; while the others turn out to be over-protective about their children. Unfortunately, none of these can benefit your child in the long run. Boosting up their self-confidence to deal confidently with a challenging situation is the only way, to empower your chil


stylish kids on instagram


Who said that the world of fashion is for the adults? Even kids romp the platform like fashion divas and have a huge number of followers on Instagram. Below are the 5 most prominent figures to follow in kid’s fashion section on Instagram:

Online Shopping: Wide range of kids wear to explore!


online shopping

Gone were the days when parents used to struggle shop to shop to buy clothes for their children! Now-a-days online shopping is trending. Be it clothes, shoes, any accessories for kids are available online. As everything is getting digitized, peopl

Why parents should prefer cotton fabric for their kids!

Any parent would like their child to feel comfortable in their clothes. Some of their kid’s favorite T-shirts, jeans, sweaters originated from the humble cotton plant because of its many advantages. Doctors also recommend using cotton clothing for kids as well as for a newborn. Here’s why you should use cotton fabric for your kid.

Cotton clothes are soft, natural and breathable.

Cotton is soft and comfort

Kids Monsoon Fashion – Cute Outfits To Make Them Look Adorable!

Kids Monsoon Fashion

Kids are generally squirming and when you are in a rush, this can add to the officially difficult assignment. But still parents won’t leave a chance to amaze their children with trendy wear. Monsoon comes up with alot of color options. Be it Denims or Tshirt, a perfect color, fabric – cute outfit

Fashion has a direct bearing in a teenager’s life


Earlier, fashion used to be found only among the affluent class of people. But now the times have changed. Now, class doesn't matter in any way on the road to becoming fashionable. In fact, everybody is fashionable these days. We can hardly see anyone on the streets who isn't fa

Boys’ fashion choices!


Teens that are trendy fall into the category of the top trends. These kids enjoy wearing the latest fashion and are not afraid to show their style. Garments that fall in the category "Fashion" includes tight jeans, tight short sleeve shirts, shorts knee cut, graphic tees and jackets.

Fashion for Kidswear

Few years back there were limited range of clothes for kids. Over the years people have become more conscious about their dressing style, not just adults but kids as well. This has encouraged manufacturers to produce an exclusive variety of fashionable clothes just for kids. As a result, today there is variety of clothes available in different colors, sizes, designs and style for children.

Here's the new Blue Round Neck

The Evolution of Fashion – how men’s fashion has changed over the past decades!

After World War I and until about the year 1942 men's wear was fairly relaxed and less formal. For example, softer collars were worn during this time period. Sleeveless sport shirts became popular and were worn with white pleated trousers and a belt. Celebrities in the 1920s and 1930s would sometimes combine casual pieces with formal pieces for a new look. Evening wear such as the double-breasted white cotton pique was also worn during these decades, as well as day suits with wide lapels. The

The Evolution of Fashion – how accessories have changed over the past decades!

From the 1920s to the 1990s, accessories have changed tremendously, but some items like jewelry have always remained popular. Fashionable hats were highly popular from the twenties to the fifties and were often an everyday item in a person's ensemble. For women in the 1920s helmet style, draped hats, cloches, turbans and pokes were all popular and usually featured a variety of fabrics, cut-outs, lace accents, feathers or other details. In the 30s, 40s, and 50s other styles of women's hats wer

The Evolution of Fashion – how shoes have changed over the past decades!

In the 1920s, women's shoes would often feature high and wide heels whether on a pump or loafer style shoe. Many women would even wear heeled shoes with their swimming costumes as a mark of femininity. Oxfords of varying styles and colors were popular too with men and women, as well as lace up boots. During the 1930s strapped heels and pumps surged in popularity, while more traditional styles of heels were still worn. For men and women, laced leather leisure shoes were popular for outdoor act

The Evolution of Fashion

Children are mainly exposed to television, television violence and television culture at home. Thus parents play a vital role in helping children  to make sense of what they see on the television. These days television influences the lives of young children and it is only going to get worst with each passing year. It is very challenging for young children to make choices of what programs they should watch. Because of the lack of experience they need more help from adults. Pulling childre

Back to the Future - Fashion for Men & Boys from the ‘60s

boys fashion

Changes in boys’s fashion in the 1960s were just as drastic for men as they were for women. Like women, men wore basically the same thing in the early 60s as they did in the late 50s. By 1964, though, things started to change. One change that was quite noticeable, is that the

Growth drivers of kidswear


Kidswear is a miniature version of adults wear. Kids today have all clothing options like that of adults, and even much more. Glued to the latest fashion trends, children of today have become brand conscious. Increasing media awareness, growing amount of disposable income due to dual earnings, and growing brand consciousness among children a

Summer Fashion tips for kids



Summer is coming, it is the warmest season of all the seasons in a year and the full of vigor lifestyle of kids makes it important for you as a parent to remember to dress your child appropriately. Summer and spring are the casual season but it certainly doesn’t indicate that you should not look for fashion statement in your kid’s c

Casual wear: Fashion tips


In the European tradition, casual is the dress code that emphasizes comfort and personal expression over presentation, formality and conformity. More simply, "casual" can be defined as something relaxed, occasional, not planned, or informal. It includes a very wide variety of costume, so it is

The Casual wear market in India

casual wear

The term ‘casualwear’ is a broad term that covers a gamut of products ranging from office and workplace casuals on one end of the spectrum to beachwear on the other. The related terms that are used in context of casualwear are ‘business casuals’, ‘corporate casuals’, ‘smart casuals’,

Popularity of Kids Wear

Few years back there were limited range of clothes for kids. Over the years people have become more conscious about their dressing style, not just adults but kids as well. This has encouraged manufacturers to produce an exclusive variety of fashionable clothes just for kids. As a result, today there is variety of clothes available in different colors, sizes, designs and style for children.

Every parent wishes to dress up their little ones appropriately for every occasion. Also kids tod

Trendy Kids Wear

Buying kids wear is a fun-filled activity for most of us; in parallel, it is a challenge too. The primary reason is that our innocent kids know almost nothing about the latest fashion or trend. If the kids are too young, they wouldn't tell even about the comfort level. Therefore, buying the best kids wear becomes a specific job that needs multidimensional attention. If you know the latest fashion trends in kids apparels, you will succeed not only to buy the best dresses at most reasonable pri

Fashion Trends For Kid's Winter Clothing

As all fashion trends are featured in all types of clothing, this should be kept in mind when embarking on children's clothing; that is if you are indeed fashionably. Ideally, the trends, cuts and styles of the season and year are always portrayed in children's clothing so you won't have to worry about finding main stream mod wear or gothic garments for your little ones. These are additionally broken along the seasonal lines of winter, fall, spring and summer.<

Choosing a T-Shirt For Your Baby

Baby T-Shirts are a cool way to dress up your kid to beat the summer heat. These soft cotton shirts often look cool on these kids, especially if they come with a funny or unique quote printed on them. But buying a good t-shirt for your kid might become a difficult job when there are too many options before you. You may get simply confused over which one to buy and which one to reject. The solution of this problem lies in using certain factors to evaluate a t-shirt at hand. Make sure you check

Seasonable Clothes For Kids

Unless you live in a magical land where you and your family encounter zero changes in temperature, you will need to choose clothes for kids that suit the seasons. In fact, the seasons should be your top priority when it comes to kids' clothing.

Working with the seasons and keeping growing children clothed is a challenge. If there's one universal truth about children, it's that kids grow fast, and kids' clothing has to keep up with them while staying appropriate to the seasons.


Get Kids Clothes From Children Stores

Children are a blessing from God and their arrival fills their parents' hearts with bundles of joy. This is because parents have to derive ways in which they can be able to cater for their little angles at no extra costs. It is the duty of every parent to ensure that his/her child is comfortable.

There are many ways in which you can ensure this; from food, playing tools and more so clothes. Every kid requires to dress thus you have to ensure that you get the right garments for your bab

Kids Apparels

Kids' apparel is a booming industry in India. This is again an emerging outlet in India as western markets are much advanced. This is truly a selective clientele (kids) as they outgrow clothes very soon. Foremost factors to be regarded in kid fashion are comfort clothing and trendy wears.

Fasteners like zippers, buttons, hooks or press buttons need to be tagged well. The clothes should allow an airy feeling and allow easy removal. Adhering t

Kids And Fashion - What Every Parent Should Know About

When it comes to the latest fashion, some kids just want to start earlier than others and with how cute fashion outfits are today, even parents tend to go for it. After all, if it is for our children, only the best would do. That said, it is important to be aware and consider some things when you want to dress up your kids; after all, they are still children.


Dressing kids with luxury children's wear seems to be the latest norm in parenthood today especially with the way

Dress Your Kids in Style!

If women and men's wear industries are booming at a rapid pace, how can kids be far behind? Kid's apparels and related accessories such as foot wears, gift items etc. are in huge demand too. Children and kid's section have become a big market these days. Like any other wholesale commodity market, wholesale kids wear are also a rising market.

Wholesale kid's outfits like t-shirts, shirts, pants, jackets, Capri's are very much in demand. Parents look for specific dresses for their kids a

Choose the Most Comfortable and Affordable Kids' Clothes

Shopping for your kidsclothing is an arduous affair mainly because children have their own tastes. Moreover, they grow very fast. However, here are some helpful tips that will guide you while buying your kids' clothes.

It's essential to buy items, which will make the child feel comfortable. Don't go for the clothes, which will stick tight to the body. Purchase the one's that have wide neck and are made up of stretchable material so that the

Fashionable Boys Clothes

Fashion is not restricted to any one group or class, it is meant for everyone. Kids can look cute in fashionable clothes. Girls have always had a lot of choices when it comes to fashion and trend, but even boys today have a lot of choices. Boys have also become very fashion conscious from a very young age. Television and cinema may have a great impact on the dressing sense and the designs for boys clothes.

In order to look fashionable, you m

Clothing Tips About Boys' Wear

Boys have fewer clothing choices comparing with girls. Little girls always can find unlimited dresses, skirts or T-shirts; however, boys do not have many options. So if moms want to dress up your boys as cute babies, you need to know some clothing tips. And then you can find various clothing for your little angles.

You can find a plenty of boys' wear in retail stores. You can buy some classical boys' clothing in these stores, and these styles will never run out of fashion. Oxford shirt

Stylish And Select Kids Jeans

Jeans have stood the test of time and remain one of the most classic pieces of clothing to exist in the world of fashion. Since the creation of jeans in the early 20th century they have been found on everyone from construction workers to the seven figure CEO at one time or another. From there, they have not only transcended class and race, but they've also gone through all genders and even ages.

There is no excepting when it comes to kids jeans. As a result of their durability, ease of

T-Shirts - Best For Wearing on All Occasions

Tee shirts are present day style statements for boys . Among all casual Wears, they are the most trusted garment of the generation. They are the apt, domestic and professional wears of the century. Their easy wear character has helped them gain universality beyond imagination. You are late and need something to wear and move out in public. Do not worry, for you have your t-shirt. Just open your cupboard and select one immediately.

T-shirts a

Kid's Fashion - Boys

For the next five months, almost every little boy in India wearing shorts every day. So when it is time to do winter shopping, that is pretty much the only thing retailers need to stock for bottoms in the boys section. It is good to have a few other things just in case (jeans, cargo pants, etc), but keep the central display racks hung with shorts. Of course it is crucial to know what styles of boy's shorts are really popular as well as what other items complement those shorts. Any children's

Kids Clothes for Christmas

Be ready to celebrate the holiday season and the togetherness it represents with new kids clothes. Any child would love to get a new attire for the holidays and even more, the parents would love for their kids to get it as a present. Parents would appreciate the set of new, fresh, festive sweaters or crisp shirts their kids will get to wear during the holidays. Act now, before the holidays are upon us.

Finding kids clothes for boys is not that costly. Boys can be really tough on their

Styles of Indian Clothing for Kids

People these days are extremely conscious about what they wear and how they look. Indians, especially have a vast plethora of options available to them which includes both Indian as well as western styles of clothing, and how can the kids be far behind. For Indian kids, clothing plays a very important part. The everyday jeans, t-shirt for boys when the occasion is special and warrants something that reflects that. In fact, even in case of western outfits, due to the Indian climate, they need

Kid's Clothes - Pieces That Are Necessary in Your Child's Wardrobe

When it comes to fashion for adults, you will know that there are just some clothing pieces that need to stay in your wardrobe, no matter what. For grownups like us, this includes a formal suit or cocktail dress, one great pair of trousers, dress shirts, dress shoes and more. Although we may think of them as "just kids," children also need to have certain pieces of clothing in their possession. These kids' clothes are essential to any child's cabinet if you want him, to have something appropr

Precious Kids Clothing

Give the gift of adorable outfits for your children this holiday season. While celebrating everything in the winter months, your children will look great dressed for the holiday season. Shop for kids clothing at great prices today!

There are great savings to be found on toddler and kid outfits. Children are rough on clothes that can causes tears and holes in them, even if they were purchased just yesterday. Fill you childrens closets with al

Smart Designer Kids Winter Jackets for Boys in India

Whether it is summer or winter, every mother wants to dress her kids in the most stylish clothes. When it comes to dressing baby boys, then it becomes a tough job for the mothers to look for the best fashionable designer apparels for them. If you are looking for options to dress your toddler boys then smart winter coats and blazers are a perfect choice of clothing for winters. You can make them wear warm winter jackets for kids which will keep them comfortable.


Cool Kids Clothes

With fashion trends becoming more and more dynamic, children's clothes are no longer exempt from the periodic changes in clothing styles. It's not unusual to see kids look more fashionable and trendy these days-in fact, don't be surprised if they know how to tell the difference between cool kids clothes and ordinary clothes.

Today's fashion industry has put together a broad range of cool kids clothing that are both funky and very stylish. Ch

Online Shopping For Kids

Shopping for kids has always been a tough job for parents especially when it comes to apparels. Because of the huge generation gap between the kids and their parents, their thoughts are different and want different things. Parents usually want comfy clothes and the kids look for trendy looks and chic designs. Bridging this gap is tough.

Buying clothes for kids is a delicate situation which every parent experiences. It's a tough job for a parent to know what the kids want and satisfy th

The Latest Trends in Kids Clothing

Picking out clothes for your kids is not easy. You have to find something that they'd be comfortable wearing; clothes that are easy for them to get in and out of; clothes that they will love to wear. For a lot of parents, it is also important that the clothes they buy make their kids look good. Thus, many parents invest on the latest fashion trends in kids clothing.

Kids Fashion Trends for 2015 and 2016

Since most of

What are the effects of tv on kids?

Children are mainly exposed to television, television violence and television culture at home. Thus parents play a vital role in helping children  to make sense of what they see on the television. These days television influences the lives of young children and it is only going to get worst with each passing year. It is very challenging for young children to make choices of what programs they should watch. Because of the lack of experience they need more help from adults. Pulling childre

Kids Fashion - A New Fashion Era

Kids fashion in today's world is taken much more seriously than in years gone by. Kids today are much more inquisitive, intellectual and scientific. As a result of the modern kid being much more self and fashion conscious, kids fashion has taken off in to a new era as kids are more up to date with modern fashion trends.

Gone are the days when mom or dad would go to the store and buy a plain white t-shirt and a pair of outdated looking faded

Clothes for different Occasions

Children need a variety of clothing for different reasons, just as adults do. One of the most important jobs of a parent is to choose proper dress for their children for all of these requirements, from play-time to formal gatherings. Choosing the right clothing for different settings can help children be comfortable and more social with their peers.

For more casual wear, one of the main factors that need to be considered is the weather in wh

Current Trending Fashion for Kids

Folks dependably need their children or adolescents to look great and adequate. Heaps of folks additionally take after the most recent design patterns while purchasing garments and picking embellishments for their children and teenagers. On the off chance that you need to know more about the most recent style patterns for children and high schoolers, read on.

Design is not constrained to men and ladies now. It has amplified its hands and children are additionally not left untouch

Ignite The Inventive Spark In Kids

It is an extraordinary time to attempt new things, learn new things through investigation, and use inventiveness and creative energy. There are numerous approaches to rouse kids to be imaginative and it is something that ought to be done year round. To me it begins with giving them a chance to investigate, with supporting their thoughts that may appear to be senseless or insane or outlandish. At that point to expand on that, including a few materials that they can gain from and with. It was a

Web Safety Tips for your Children

The Internet and the innovation of the PC are maybe the most noteworthy manifestations of the twentieth Century, offering remarkable specialized instruments that connection families and companions far and wide. It gives clients access to a mind boggling volume of data and is a priceless apparatus of the scholastic and business world.


On the other hand, the Internet can likewise be an undesirable and hazardous spot for individuals of all ages, particularly kids

Recognize your childrens states of mood

Nature of state of mind alludes to your youngsters' overwhelming and general mind-set or air. A few kids are naturally introduced to this world more positive and idealistic, while others appear to be more negative and cynical. Numerous kids will fall some place in the middle.


To recognize your youngsters' disposition as it identifies with personality, it takes a gander at their state of mind over the span of the entire day. What is their temperament first thing in the mor